Mick Canning

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Mick Canning: Paintings and Travel Photographs of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Oman

Panorama - Stok Mountains, Ladakh, India (Photo L1)

This website is intended to serve 2 purposes; Firstly, to present a selection of travel photographs, mainly from Asia, with a little information about both the photographs and the countries themselves. Having had the good fortune to visit these wonderful places, I would like to share these images with as many people as possible. Secondly, to also be a vehicle for my artworks.

Until recently, there was also information on my writings, but I have recently put up a new website and blog for these which can be found at www.mickcanning.co 

Further information on books about India and Nepal can be found on the links and information page. I am editing and adding to these pages all of the time. They will be regularly updated, with new images and information added.

You can contact me on sandalwood_press@yahoo.co.uk for any reason - maybe the information I am presenting is out of date or just plain wrong, or just to chat about travel to these places. Anything, really. Just drop me a line. I will do my best to answer any queries and warmly welcome your comments and information. Other travellers - please fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Also, if you would like to link to my site, I am happy to reciprocate if your site is suitably related to mine.